Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale

ActionFear or AnxietyAvoidance
1. Telephoning in public
2. Participating in small groups
3. Eating in public places
4. Drinking with others in public places
5. Talking to people in authority
6. Acting, performing or giving a talk in front of an audience
7. Going to a party
8. Working while being observed
9. Writing while being observed
10. Calling someone you don't know very well
11. Talking with people you don't know very well
12. Meeting strangers
13. Urinating in a public bathroom
14. Entering a room when others are already seated
15. Being the center of attention
16. Speaking up at a meeting
17. Taking a test
18. Expressing a disagreement or disapproval to people you don't know very well
19. Looking at people you don't know very well in the eyes
20. Giving a report to a group
21. Trying to pick up someone
22. Returning goods to a store
23. Giving a party
24. Resisting a high pressure salesperson
Total: ____ ____